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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 13, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now on "eyewitness news" a philadelphia legend remembers, sixers great moses malone has passed away. good evening, i'm natasha natasha brown, thank you for joining us, had a loan died in a motel room in norfolk virginia. he was there for a celebrity golf tournament no. cause of death released just yet but foul may not suspected. let's turn to sports director in the cbs3 three sports center with with a look back. >> reporter: it's been a rough two and a half weeks, you dalkins passes away and now moses malone. he goes down as one of the great of it big men in the history of nba, he was absolutely dominant when he played in philly. overall, he was a three-time nvp and 12-time all star, he and dr.
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j led the team to a title during the 82 and 83 season. >> moses coming to the after six years, we had been knock out of the finals three different times. we were second best team in the world. he was the catalyst, the one they don't who got us over the son. >> a son, a friend. a dear friend. a brother. someone in i knew would be there for me. truly one of the great basketball players competitors. he was a dream to coach. sglrjs one other thing about moses malone. he was the first player to go from high school straight into the pros. natasha back to you. >> thank you so much. '6ers fans of all ages remember malone, even if narp much too young to watch him. we spoke to some of those fan tonight. >> when somebody passes away
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that young. it's untimely special who ripped the city up. he trans formed the 76ers franchise in the same way pete rose transformed the phillies. >> kind of sad to hear that. passing two weeks after darrell talk ins passed away. tragic loss both of those two individuals. >> he will certainly be missed. if you would like to share your thoughts and memories of moses malone, head to our website you can comment on our facebook page as well. now, for a check on the weather. we have seen clouds and showers this weekend but it looks like we can final see a sunny stretch ahead for us. meteorologist justin drabick is live on it. >> sunshine back until then it's feeling like fall outside. little chill in the air, open up the windows and enjoy the refreshing breeze going across the delaware valley.
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temperatures dropping in the 50'ss many spots. today on the cool side. made it to 72. officially at philadelphia international airport 79 is where we should be. this makes it the cool of the day we've had since june 27th when we had high temperature in the low 70's back in late june. 63 at the airport, 50 introduce in mount poconos. many suburbs will be dropping down to the upper 40s. we do have a breeze out of the northwest. that said keeping coastal temperatures milder right now, we have the flow off the land 63 in ocean, 63 in rehoboth beach. nice quiet on storm scan 3, bit of a breeze continues. there's your morning temperatures waking up for center city. 57 surrounding suburbs lower 50's, possibly even upper 40s, especially in the mountains, it is sxrakt weather tomorrow morning, a lot of sunshine through the afternoon, warm up to 77, 76 is the shore, and 60's in the poconos, warmer temperatures returning this week and a lot of sunshine coming up
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in a few minutes more minutes, back over to you. >> thank you so much, justin. 11:00 police in bucks county investigateing a deadly cash in doylestown after the accident on route 313 and cold stream, cream ri road. it does remain closed during this hour, second time this summer a north philadelphia neighborhood is dealing with a massive welcome break. the most recent on hunting park in westmoreland avenues comes less than three months after another on fox street and roberts avenue. this was the scene this morning, quite a mess out there in the parking lot of the old tasty kake factory after broken main spilled 15 million gallons of water late saturday. officials expect crews would be working on repairs quite some time. >> repairs will take some time. it's a large main, 48 inches a large, they're not easy to make the he is vacation and the work around it is quite involved.
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we'll be out here for some time to make sure we do this and get it done. >> back in june, seven million gallons of water rush i do not the parking lot of the baker center just behind the old tasty kake factory. that same spot also suffered a break in jan of last year. a teenager meantime is under arrest tonight charged with attempted murder and a double shooting in strawberry mansion ax 14-year-old boy opened fire on the 2100 block of north 23rd street hitting who men ax 49 and a 25-year-old. the second shooter was picked up a few blocks away. the victims were taken to temple hospital. no word on conditions just yet. police in new jersey say they have captured michael mims who escaped custody in burlington county yesterday, mims was being brought into the burlington county scombral when he flipped away from the transporting officer. still wearing, his and didn't have shoes, police have not said
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exactly where they found him. the chester officer injured on the hit-and-run on friday returned home tonight. officials say daniel how have man was released from the crozer chester medical center this evening. hoff map was on his motorcycle when a man driving a burgundy pontiac hit him and sped off. police continue their search. as we prepare for the papal visit, several officials say they have disrupt add threat to attack pope francis on american soil. homeland security committee chairman michael mccall made the relative delegation, but did not provide any details. mccall also said in pope francis' kindness could actually become a safety issue because he likes to get out close to the crowds and meet with the faithful. hard to believe but we are less than two weeks away from pope francis' historic visit to philadelphia, 13 days until the holy father arrives in our city. one very lucky family gets
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the surprise of a lifetime. the chance to greet the pope when he touches down in philadelphia. a member of the family is a former philadelphia police officer, who was shot in the line of duty. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has more. >> reporter: september, 2008, philadelphia police officer patrick mcdonald shot and killed in the line of duty. responding officer richard bows shot in the hip while returning fire. five surgeries later, he had been to wheeled to his friend's funeral. >> seven years later, bows standing with family for one of the proudest moments of had his life. in a surprise announcement at sunday mass, the bows family selected to personally greet pope francis upon his immediate arrival in philadelphia. the honor him lipping wife bernadette to tears. >> so blessed and humbleed grateful. and honestly, just don't feel like worthy enough for something of this caliber.
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>> reporter: to their left the man believes they are warm they, stayed by richard seven years ago as he recovered. >> for a minute was with us from the mopped all the way through till i was confined to hopped bed. >> reporter: the bullet shattered richard's hip and ended his career. father joe helped the family financial the. they responded the bows he bow's family way. dear father joe, somebody in our parish needs this more than i do. >> reporter: father joe says the selection was easy. >> i couldn't think of a better family to represent the archdiocese and to represent the people of the area, they're just wonderful people. >> reporter: those wonderful people representing i was the collective families of the philadelphia archdiocese for one historic moment. so what will they say? >> hope you enjoy this experience at philadelphia.
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>> reporter: to be clear, the bows family will be standing side by side with archbishop chaput the very moment pope francis steps on to philadelphia soil and steps off the plane something obviously the archdiocese cars huge honor and the bows family too. steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> that is quite an honor. meantime many people galeatigaleati dale gated today. eyewitness at the saint george parish in port richmond at the world meeting of families tailgate after the church held mass, they held a party to get excited about the pope of visit. guests enjoyed music, dancing games and lot of good food. you can view or guide any time you'd like it's on our website visit. two days after the 911
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anniversary, people all around the region honored our nation's briefed. pennsauken new jersey where racers participate midnight participated in the annual hero's run and walk. the event took place in philadelphia and phoenixville today. veterans and families of fallen soldiers as well as local communities. still to come, huge wildfires are ripping through parts of the western united states right now. thousands of people are already evacuating. see more of the incredible damage that said been left behind. berks county taylor swift is facing a lawsuit. it's all the star's fault he got fired. get ready for a sunny stretch in the forecast alon
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. devastation of a new wildfire in california, this about hundred miles north of san francisco, we now know at least one person killed. andans as cbs compends daniel noting him re has no shows you this is one of several fires scorching california tonight. >> reporter: the valley fire explodeed in northern california. flames exploit home after home about 100 miles north of san francisco. embers rained down on residents trying to escape the wageing wildfire. >> the fast moving fire is still growing. the governor has declared a state of emergency, vacate wheeze fear the worst. >> everything is gone, store gone, a lot of people have dogs stuck up there and they won't let them go get them. >> reporter: officials say heavy
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wind and dry brush fueled the wildfire. the blaze jumped a highway and drivers abandoned cars. four firefighters suffered second degree burns battling the fire. residents say parts of middletown have burned to the ground. >> we're a strong community and stick together and we'll just rebuild it day by day. >> reporter: another wildfire is also burden of proving 70 miles southeast of sacramento. that fire has destroyed more than 130 structures. thousands more are in it's past. >> the forecast calls for more rerat dick winds monday. the sail conditions that caused this fire to level block after block. daniel nottingham cbs news middletown, california. seven years after a man was killed in philadelphia, his family and his friends are still left with many questions. the person who killed matt novack on september 28th, 2008, remains a mystery. novack family now launch add
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billboard campaign in both campaign and pennsauken to help with the search. novack was shot and killed with someone in a blue chevy impala with -- there's a $42,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. taylor swift is sued by a tomorrow dj claims he lost his job at a den very radio station after after i was accused by inappropriately touching the systemicer in 2013. he claims another employee was responsible for the bad behavior. he says his employer was given evidence immediatelying after the incident after this incident the made his own decision. his latest movie the visit came in a close second. >> would you mind getting inside the oven to clean it? >> boy, that said creepy like
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most of his moves it was shot in the philadelphia area. it's a terrifying area of two children visit their grandparents and discovery in a in a and pop behaving very strangely. it was barely beaten by the perfect guy war rooms put to third followed by a walk in the woods and motion impossible rogue nation. dozens of food trucks. lined up, attend ease got to choose. this event kicks off manayunk restaurant week. it was. it was always a part in china town. hundreds of dpefts of all ages enjoying music and dancing throughout the neighborhood. lots going on this weekend. gloomy yesterday and cloudy.
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>> we're. it feels kind of cold out right there, coolest day since late june. taste of fall going on outside right now. open up the winds, save a couple bucks on the electric bill. ben franklin bridge clear skies, right now, that said going to be the overnight hours a good start to the work week, ride into work or school tomorrow morning, adjusting battling sun glare. big story temperatures, it's been cool, highs in the 70's because of the clouds and shower, 79 is where we should be for this time of years, 72, that was it. for the afternoon temperature. tomorrow, still above average that the upper 70s each day gets warmer, back into the mid 80's on wednesday and thursday. but it can be a comfortable mid 80 humidity level it's stay low. temperature change compared to yesterday at this time. we're anywhere anywhere from five to 14 degrees colder.
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sign of the cooler air mast. temperatures show at 57 in millville in the atlantic city airport, capital city of delaware low 60's, philadelphia low 60's surrounding suburbs dropping into the 50's, mullica hill 67, chalfont, 53, allentown down at 51, chats for 40s potential the four the overnight low temperatures some of the outer suburbs. how will it feel as far as humidly, pretty much awesome, no humidity to talk about autumn. bums up a little bit on wednesday and thursday, you're not going to feel the difference, pleasant both days through the middle of the week, entire week just great. not much happening on storm scan 3, nice and quiet over the region, departing storm system that brought the showers moving across new england right now so we're having improving condition, low pressure, back to sunny skies, temperatures in the 70's.
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monday, high sits right on top of us much of the week, that blocks any main storms from developing. that said by we're in the sunny dry stretch. lot of 80's return to our forecast. comfortable mid is he not. tomorrow morning, sunshine maybe a few clouds, mostly sunny skies, same deal tuesday, plane of sunshine, that said that's going to be the trend. cooler to our north, poconos even some of the northern lehigh valley suburbs going to be in the 60's early in the afternoon, around philadelphia, low and mid 70's and towards the shore, 70's little bit cool but the sunshine will be out. it will feel good if you're out on the beach. cool overnight. partly cloudy skies, 57 for the low for center city, 40s in some of the oh coldest suburbs jacket weather early tomorrow morning, rebounding to 77 lots of sunshine, little bit breezy at times, here's that shore forecast again, great time to be
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down thermometer second season going on the crowds gone, weather very nice, ocean water comfortable, air temp 76. check out the seven-day forecast, kind of boring, not much going on, you like it if you have outdoor plans. back to the mid 80's on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday into next weekend, again, it's the humidity stays slow, mid 80's going to feel nice, few clouds come in next weekend, another dry stretch develops nice pleasant weather coming up this week. >> really nice for september. >> so much to talk about, we're going to be talking about the eagles: birds getting ready for the season ownership tomorrow. the phillies go for the splits in the series against the cubs.
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. sensible an appropriate setting for an eagles fight song. song: sounding g a group of eagles fans erupted in songs, we'll start the season against the falcons tomorrow night. >> he had no choice. >> all around the country competed today in doylestown at tom son bucks county classic, meisha johnson was at the site today. thousands of spectators washed.
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cbs3 is the partner for this 18. great to see them out there. sports director don bell is back. >> i've been their 30 second, i'm jumping in interrupting. are we cool? >> absolutely always. >> we go back a way. week one under with in nfl everyone is having fun except for teals baiting to play monday. eagles and falcons are less than 24 hours away from kickoff. nine months since we seen the birds play if a real game. listen to the players. >> i'm very excited for the season to start. we've been gearing up philadelphia international airport. waiting forever. knew in it's actually here, we're overly excited and happy it to kick it off. >> we start to see them, you make personal and team goals and
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kwoj act person on this team or in this organization hasn't set the is super bowl as a goal for this year. >> we're off to baseball. phils looking to split a four game series with the can you be, ryan howard in the bottom of the 30, the fightans with a four to one lead. eight and inc. phils up by one freddy galvis looking for insurance, going back to the wall and gets that insurance, fills win but tied with the braves for the worst record in baseball. >> coming up next in the sports zone, more on the eagles season ownershiper when the voice of the bird -- he is going to joan me, more reaction to the death of sixers half famer moses malone and the union get ready for the us open cup. coming up in just a few minutes. >> lots
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. funds for a local nonprofit organization, annie's restaurant and banquet center this weekend for fourth annual race to save our cranley benefit center. banquet is put together about abc men incorporate add communion groat that provides free services to youth seniors and disabled. "eyewitness news" assignment manager was honored with his work in the community.
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. that said "eyewitness news" news htonight. handing things over to done bell in cbs3 sports zone. have a good night. >> i'll head over there.
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eagles are the champions of the world. struck him out. the philadelphia phillies are 2008 world champions of baseball. this is nissan sports zone presented by draft king. long last the way the is over. we are less than 24 hours from the birds and falcons on monday night football. plus. he's a haul of famer an '6ers legend, mourning the sudden loss of mosts malone. what's next? rubio end amaro is dismissed as the general manager and the philadelphia june re union sights set on their first trophy here to talk about t


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